These days you pretty much have to have a website if you want to “knock it out of the park” at your at home based business. This is the case even if you’re part time, trying to earn extra money from home. It is your Internet presence in the market place and it helps you stand

These days you pretty much have to have a website if you want to “knock it out of the park” at your at home based business. This is the case even if you’re part time, trying to earn extra money from home. It is your Internet presence in the market place and it helps you stand out!

The trick is to get “targeted” traffic to your work from home company site, just like pulling in customers to your offline company. You must to let your prospective clients know you’re there and you ought to supply effortless access to enough information so that they can fulfill their need to “get to know you”!

Just forming a site doesn’t mean people are going to magically show up. You need a top home based business promotional technique to initially bring the customers to your website, and then convert that traffic to paying clients.

Studies show that unless a potential customer sees your site with a specific object in mind to buy, it is probable they won’t purchase anything the initial timdframe they visit your site or learn about your product and/or service.

To start, they probably will strive to build a relationship with you as the propriator and acquire information about your home based small business too, in order to gain assurance. 

The following are 3 undemanding things you can do to keep your current clients coming back and picking-up more customers along the way:

1. Blogging. Today most people know about blogging, but not necessarily how to use it the right way. Spending just a few minutes every one or two days, you could communicate with your people to let them know what’s taking place in your life and business that that could solve a problem for them; your customers and prospects. Blogs are most impelling when they are fun, engrossing and informative. They are easy, gratifying to create and serve to open up a familiarity between you and your customers.

Additionally, blogs supply your top home business website with fresh content – which the search engines like – and even more important, keep you customers returning to see what’s new! Your prospects may even subscribe to your site to receive notification whenever you’ve posted new content.

2. Social Media. Even though most people know about social media, a small minority of home based small business people know how to effectively take advantage of it. The most widely used social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Large businesses have understood that social media is a terrific way to measure customer satisfaction with their products and have now employed people who oversee their social media presence on the Internet full time .

Professionally managed, social media is a way to develop trust with your people, engage them in communication and ultimately directing them to your company website. Done in the wrong way, your firm could get a “bad rap”! Think of social media as a big cocktail party, where prospects are interested in finding out what you do, but they don’t want to hear a big sales pitch. Once you’ve created a relationship, people will inquire about your merchandise  – it is then you refer them to your main work from home company website.

3. Mailing List. A lot of people who do the majority of their business online state, “the money is in the list.” What they’re referring to, is that the prospects who select to receive emails from you have raised their hand and said, “I want more information about what it is that you are offering?” They want access to content and enjoy getting it from you.

By providing great material before any sales advertising, savvy  online marketers strive to build a “targeted” list of prospects who have comparable likes and interests in which a close relationship is reinforced over time.

By getting to “know your customer” a professional marketer will pose herself as the person who has solutions to their client’s “problems”. Once the relationship has reached this level, items shown to solve problems can be promoted.

With a “seasoned” targeted list, a good promoter can often interest from 10% to 30% of their people to try a new item that they recommend. If they have 10,000 prospects on their list, they can get anywhere from 1000 to 3,000 of their prospects to buy a particular product or take advantage of a new service.

Thinking about those statistics can be overwhelming! For example, say you’re promoting a product for $39 and you send out a promotional email blast to your list, you might gross anywhere from $39,000 to $117,000 with just from that simple effort.

Most at home based business owners don’t have lists that big, but the growth and power of your list can be significant if you communicate with them in a way that brings value to their lives and/or is the answer to a problem.

People conduct business with people they know, like and trust. You can construct those relationships by regular, intriguing, bona fide communication.

Successful Internet advertising is about constructing a advertising strategy that involves various elements to target your market utilizing the prominent social networking sites, writing regular blog posts and creating targeted mailing lists to regularly communicate with them and ultimately pointing them over to your main business website. 


Statistics say that most people miss at least one MAJOR opportunity every year. The fact is that if you took advantage of all the opportunities that you have missed, you’d be better off than you are now. 

Laying the right foundation to launch an at home based business is one of those opportunities!

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